Senior Secondary School (Affiliated to CBSE-531678)
Co-Curricular Activities  

Co-Curricular Activities & Expeditions/Clubs

Co-curricular activities help students to understand and learn new skills and have enriching experiences. Our school lays emphasis on conducting co-curricular activities &establishing innovative clubs for making our students adept in these skills.


Clubs cater to some of the most memorable, interesting and enjoyable aspects of a student's life. The clubs are so framed as to offer opportunities to all the students to explore their personal interests and develop proficiency in various skills.

1. Dance Club: Dance helps the students to develop and learn skills for self-expression through art. To nurture the talent of each student the school has made extensive arrangements that enable students to learn different dance forms. The school provides a rich platform for teaching Kathak, Bharatnatyam along with folk and modern dance.

2. Dramatics Club: The school also has a dramatics club where children are provided a platform to exhibit their dramatic talents. This medium allows students to communicate with others and also understand others in new ways. Students put up plays on relevant themes like education, environment etc.


3. Peace Club: The school has a peace club based on the guidelines provided by Yuva Satta an NGO. The objective of the peace club is to teach the students about the importance of peaceful co-existence in society. Various activities are organized to promote an atmosphere of peace and harmony among students. Also to undertake projects to develop positive leadership skills. Example- Making Thank you cards.

4. Gardening and Environmental Club: The aim of the Environmental and gardening Club is to help our school be “Greener” and teach our children to learn ways to reduce the impact of urbanization on the environment. Work projects include connecting with trees and plants. We also organize programs that provide inspiration, information and valuable resources for conservation, preservation and education of the environment to our students.

5. Art and craft club: Inspiring young minds with creative and visual arts is the theme of this club. The club provides an opportunity for children to polish their Art and Craft skills and learn new techniques in a fun and creative environment. It is an outlet where children can enjoy a variety of creative activities. Example: best out of waste, bulletin board decoration, poster making, card making etc.

6. Chess club: The chess club exposes the students to basics as well as advanced chess concepts with personalized attention by chess trainer. This Club provides an ideal learning strategies and developing critical analytical skills.

7. French classes Language development: Numerous studies show that speaking a second language boosts cognitive, memory, and listening skills. The intensive environment provides the ideal learning opportunity for students who seek a true beginner’s immersion experience in French language.

8. Nurturing students House system: For the effective functioning of the school system, the school has four Houses namely Dhairya House, Kirti house, Shourya House and Veer House. The House system is an integral and vibrant part of the school's culture. It is designed to reflect and enhance the values of School as specified in the mission of the school.
Each house functions in a unique way with a motto of instilling values of respect for all, patriotism, sense of pride, discipline, cleanliness etc.

9. Morning Assembly: The school joyfully conducts Morning Assembly where students and teachers participate in morning prayers, reading news headlines, sharing a thought for the day and reading “My experiments with truth” an autobiography by Mahatma Gandhi. Also, there are special assemblies to commemorate special days. Idea is to provide a platform to all children to hone their communication skills as well as instill confidence in them.

Vedic Tradition

Relating Ecology to the inter-relationship between living organisms and their environment. Students perform Yajna as an act of worship with offerings, reverence and gratitude. They also chant mantras for purification of self and environment.

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