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Co-Curricular Activities  

Co-Curricular Activities & Expeditions/Clubs


Co-curricular activities help students to understand and learn new skills and have enriching experiences. Our school lays emphasis on conducting co-curricular activities & establishing innovative clubs for making our students adapt in these skills.


The house system is a way to promote team spirit and a sense of belonging to the school. Also, this enables the senior students in the school to more systematically provide care and help to their junior schoolmates. The House System provides excellent opportunities for student leadership and peer group support, aided by dedicated staff members, and house captains. It is a remarkable medium for enabling students of different ages to bond together and operate as a cohesive family. The House system helps support and co-ordinate the corporate life of the school and develops the athletic side of school life along with the purely scholastic aspect, and thereby attains the goal of a liberal education, namely “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. The House system provides students with support and encouragement during their academic and co-curricular activities. The system provides an exciting division of the mass of pupils into units wherein each pupil has a rightful place and in which he takes pride. Houses are a common and successful way of building a superb school community and spirit. The houses compete in different sporting, cultural, and academic competitions, and provide an excellent way of meeting people outside one’s own class and age group, all of whom have a common goal and purpose. For a regular and smooth functioning of co-curricular activities and to provide a spur to the competitive spirit, the student of classes III - X are divided into four houses namely:

                          CORBETT                        CREATIVITY & COURAGE

GIR                                    PASSIONATE & ENERGETIC

KAZIRANGA                   WISDOM & LOYAL

PERIYAR                         RENEWAL & TRANQUIL


Each child from 3rd Class onwards will be placed in a House and will continue the same house till class VIII.  Each house will have a House Captain (Class VIII) and a Vice Captain (Class VII) to whom he/she may turn for assistance at any time. Each house will be assigned a house warden, who will head the house and monitor all the academic, co-curricular and intramural activities. Thus, House Warden will to able to monitor their student’s progress and cultivate positive relationships.

CLUBS: participation in clubs helps hone students’ communication skills, foster creative thinking and teach you how to work effectively in teams.

All the club in charges have to develop an exclusive curriculum of their club which will include the arts/ skills/ behavioral changes they expect to build or instill among the students of Classes IX -X. The curriculum must include strategies and methodology to be followed along with the activities that would be conducted during the session.

  • RASRANG        

Rasrang is the Dramatics club of D.A.V.PPS which aims to learn channels for creative dramatic work through original productions and alternative forms of theatrical expressions such as dance, mime, etc.


It is the Dance & Music of D.A.V.PPS which aims at sensory and spatial awareness, coordination, concentration and creative expression of emotions. Students would be able to express emotions in an innovative form and will experience increased confidence.


It is the Ecological group of D.A.V.PPS which aims to empower students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It will create awareness and sensibility towards environment and its problems.


The club emphasizes development of positive attitude and respect for self and others through the promotion and celebration of integrity, loyalty, and leadership, and diversity.


The Book reading club aims to expand the horizon of the students and help them venture into the world of imagination and fantasy. In-depth discussions and assimilations of different viewpoints will contribute to increased knowledge and appreciation of the world around.


The Math Club aims to develop students' level of Mathematics skills and knowledge using games, activities, and mock competitions. Students will collaboratively work to complete Logic and Math Puzzles.


The Club aims to prepare our students for the world of Technology by participating in age-appropriate activities. Computer skills and technologies would be imparted through a mix of direct instruction, computers, iPads and non-computer activities.



  • EDITORIAL BOARD:  the members will be responsible for annual edition of School Magazine. The collection, selection and editing of the content will responsibility of all the members.
  • COMPETITION COMMITTEE: the members of the committee will be responsible for all Interschool competitions- providing the information, finding suitable participants, coordinating with the experts to train the child and practice. The team will also be responsible for conducting various Olympiads and scavenging opportunities for the students to participate at district, state level, international level etc. A well-organized Record file must be maintained for the same with overt details of participants, organizers, prize won etc. 
  • GUIDANCE & COUNSELLING: the team will look into the grievances of the students and even conduct individual or group counselling sessions.
  • EXCURSION TEAM: the team will help students gain real life experience beyond classroom with their teachers, peers. They will organize short trips, picnics pertaining to child’s learning skills.   
  • WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA: the committee will be responsible for handing Social Image of the School. All the updates and Uploading of data on school website will also be responsibility of the same team.  
  • TRAINING CELL: The Committee will be responsible for assisting and mentoring in-service Teacher training programmes for continuous and comprehensive development of their staff. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to identify the training needs amongst the teaching staff and get them equid timely.
  • STAFF WELFARE CLUB: The committee will work for the benefit and of the all staff and provides a channel to interact with each other. Furthermore, the committee will be responsible for all celebrations and ceremonies within the campus.


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