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Education must help children grow as human beings. We believe that each child's holistic development will propel social development and ultimately influence the destiny of mankind. 

"Value each child", we in our school keep this spirit vibrantly alive for the growth and development of our children. Discipline, good conduct, good Values, effective communication, health and cleanliness are the basics we teach our young learners to become good at. Besides, the school is committed in nurturing students to excel in academics and co-curricular activities. 

All this is done by giving the children a stress-free and harmonious environment to learn and unleash their potential.

We are indebted to the prestigious Haryana Police Department for providing us with the most impressive building and infrastructure. We are also indebted to D.A.V. CMC New Delhi for the administration guidelines for the smooth functioning of the school. We are grateful to the parents who have reposed faith in us for nurturing their children.

Backed by all the positives, we are committed to continuing to deliver our best, making it the most progressive school in the region.


Ms. Vandana Tripathi